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Favourite band or musician: Depeche Mode, Puccini
favorite artist: John William Waterhouse
Favourite poet or writer: Frost, Nikolai Gogol & Duglas Adams
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Favourite cartoon character: Winnie-the-Pooh
Personal Quote: I'm short and I'm proud of it!
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markimo007 | 30/09/2010 12:15 PM
hi momo
what about you today
i am from Egypt
realy you from Israel
abhishek.dutta | 25/07/2009 06:19 PM
Hey How are you?
niCe | 22/06/2009 11:59 AM
Hot? Well, summer on the way, honey ;) I guess there's kind of no music for me to listening right now, could u please give me some recommendations? :)


21/04/2011 06:42 PM  

21 – Adele

Hi there,
I didn’t write any stuff like forever. I just had a little music crisis,
But I’m back and I have new albums to advise to you.

First of all, I’ll speak about Adele’s gorgeous second album, 21.
The title in my opinion is kind of unsuitable for the album,
Cause the artist (Adele) had claimed that she called by this name due to the fact of her physical (she was 21 years old while writing it) and mental state. I don’t think that album talks about a typical 21 year old cause the songs are full matured masterpieces with soul rhythms in addition of great singing voice and wholesome lyrics. I truly believe that those who enjoy heartbreaking ballads while still staying on the soft side of the break-ups will have a great blast of time. I really advise you to listen to it. I hope I’ll have the time and the opportunity for uploading it on the site so you’ll understand the whole meaning of the new and full bloomed masterpiece of the start of this year.

Here is the track list from the wikipedia:
1. "Rolling in the Deep" Adele Adkins, Paul Epworth Epworth 3:48
2. "Rumour Has It" Adkins, Ryan Tedder Tedder 3:43
3. "Turning Tables" Adkins, Tedder Jim Abbiss 4:10
4. "Don't You Remember" Adkins, Dan Wilson Rick Rubin 4:03
5. "Set Fire to the Rain" Adkins, Fraser T. Smith Smith 4:02
6. "He Won't Go" Adkins, Epworth Rubin 4:38
7. "Take It All" Adkins, Eg White Abbiss 3:48
8. "I'll Be Waiting" Adkins, Epworth Epworth 4:01
9. "One and Only" Adkins, Dan Wilson, Greg Wells Rubin 5:48
10. "Lovesong" Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Roger O'Donnell, Porl Thompson, Lol Tolhurst, Boris Williams Rubin 5:16
11. "Someone Like You"

My favorites of the bunch are tracks 2, 3, 6 and 10 off course.

The second new album of my choice will be Wounded Rhymes by Lykki li. Loved the album!
It’s hard to point your finger at the musical style of the album. For me it’s eclectic, electronic, chick, smart and melodic for sure. Love the singer’s voice: I don’t know in what way but the girl knows how to connect to her listener. For me the album is a perfect presentation of a strong modern woman that still wanst to be soft and feminine. I somehow loved her previous album more than this one, maybe because I kind of have felt that Lykke Li became more of a production project than a true iceberg of indie European music.

Here is the track list of the album:
1. "Youth Knows No Pain" Lykke Li, Björn Yttling, Rick Nowels 2:59
2. "I Follow Rivers" Li, Yttling, Nowels 3:48
3. "Love Out of Lust" Li, Yttling, Nowels 4:43
4. "Unrequited Love" Li, Yttling 3:11
5. "Get Some" Li, Yttling 3:22
6. "Rich Kids Blues" Li, Yttling 3:01
7. "Sadness Is a Blessing" Li, Yttling, Nowels 4:00
8. "I Know Places" Li, Yttling 6:06
9. "Jerome" Li, Yttling, Nowels 4:22
10. "Silent My Song"

My favs will be “I follow rivers” and “I know Places”.

In addition, Duffy’s new album (Endlessly) feels flat! I was a great fan of Rockferry and this one feels like a big emotional disappointment for me. I can only say that every song on the album sounds undeveloped and shallow as if she was on the rush of ending it, maybe she was pushed by her record. I don’t know what the cause is, but it would be fine for me to wait for another half of the year so it would be more complete and less improvised than now.

Moreover, I loved the new face, Clare Maguire. She sounds great. The singles that she released are truly well done but the whole album isn’t as strong enough as the leading songs on the album.

It would be great to hear your opinion too, even if you’re not on my side.

I hope that I’ll be free enough for uploading the songs.

Yours truly,

Happy Hanukah

11/02/2010 09:38 PM  

If On A Winter\\'s Night

ok, Sting's new album is out on the cite. go and listen to it! I think it's a'll be great to hear your opinion on this one of a kind album.
yours truly,

23/01/2010 12:54 PM  

The Resistance & The Fame Monster

hi everyone...I uploaded the new Muse ulbum : The Resistance and The Fame Monster ( Lady Gaga's special adition). There r all of the tracks that apear on the albums so go and listen to then..enjoy:)