Production teammp3Project development is developed the way to guarantee accessibility to each user wherever their are connect to internet. The code is designed according to valid standards to warrant easy access via as much internet viewing devices as possible. We try to adjust the code for use of voice scanner for handicapped users.

While developing we use miscellaneous technologies. To introduce you to these technologies, we will descibe the use of these on our site.

HTML (hypertext markup language) is indivisible part of each internet site, On we use HTML in version 4.01 with declared doctype HTML 4.01 Transitional. According to this doctype we write the valid code.

Since HTML compose only the content of the page, for definition of design is being used CSS (cascade style sheets). By CSS is created complete layout of our site.

PHP is server side scripting programming language. The result of the script is dynamically created HTML or XML code sent to your internet browser.

JavaScript is multiplatform object-orientated scripting language. On we use JavaScript as interpreting programming language for controlling miscellaneous interactive items. Users with Javascript disabled in their browser may not use these interactive items, but there is an alternative system to perform the action.

Flash is graphic vector programm. This technology is used for our media player or slideshow on the home page.

AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is general label for interactive applications that modify content of the page without reload. AJAX use HTML for presenting informations, JavaScript fordynamic modifications presented informations and XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous data exchange with the web server.